March On Canada: Women inspiring a nation to get involved

One year ago the March On Canada was established as a movement that upholds and spreads the message of women’s rights as human rights. Born out of protest against Trump’s inauguration the march has now separated itself and developed into one that advocates for equal rights and social justice. On January 20th organizers across Canada […]

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Muslim teen and transit hero discuss SkyTrain safety with Vancouver Mayor

On December 15th, Noor Fadel and Jake Taylor visited city hall to meet with Mayor Robertson to speak about effective ways to increase protection on public transportation. Noor and Jake retold their story. Noor explained that the attacker approached her with an aggressive tone, loudly threatening and cursing at her. The verbal attacks soon escalated […]

The Shock Waves of False News: Three Life Changing Cases

The Shock Waves of False News A few years ago I was sitting in a café with an old friend casually chatting and catching up on each other’s lives. This friend of mine brought up a recent article she had read online about an actor. She exclaimed that Macaulay Culkin had passed away. My brows […]

The beauty of Vancouver

The photo of the week is a picture I have taken on a rooftop in Vancouver in the summer of 2016. The view is phenomenal. It would have been difficult to leave without snapping a photo of the dazzling city.  I believe this photograph represents Vancouver well. A clear blue sky specked with fluffy white […]

How to create a Vision Board

My vision board required no venn diagrams or rough draft to create. However, I did think thoroughly about how I would create it and how to make it unique to my website. I clicked open Adobe Photoshop CS6 and jumped into the design process. I was able to narrow down the focus because I wanted it […]