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Let's Welcome Erin and Pavin from Chiro Culture to the community

Doctors Erin and Pavin have teamed up to create Chiro Culture, a family based chiropractic studio located next door to Bosa Foods at 550 Victoria Drive in the Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood right here in the East Village.

One of Erin and Pavin’s goals is progressing the community towards a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic, resources, as well as education to set people up with tools to prevent injury in the future. What makes Chiro Culture stand out is their family based approach, coming from a place of healing, love and empowerment rather than fear or pain based.

They explain that chiropractic should be a part of your every day, a natural part of life such as a habit or a routine. The duo believe that visiting a chiropractor is similar to a visit to the doctor; it’s a checkup for your overall health and wellbeing. Chiro Culture encourages the community to receive chiropractic care for pain or illness and for general wellness check.

When we asked about their favourite part of the job, Erin and Pavin described their passion for helping people through their journey to a better wellbeing.“It is so fun and dynamic, we never have the same day twice. That’s what makes it so amazing, and that’s what we love about it.” Witnessing clients who were barely able to walk then seeing their improvements and the impact a practitioner can have on an individual’s life as has been miraculous. They expressed hearing a client say “you’ve really changed my life” is highly honouring and humbling.

Erin and Pavin conveyed their love for The East Village as they discussed the inviting and warm atmosphere they’ve felt since their arrival in the neighbourhood. “It’s honestly the people, it’s like a vibration. Popping into stores and saying hi, people take a second look and say “oh hey how’s it going” you don’t get that much anywhere else.”

Mark your calendars, the grand opening is set for June 1, 2019 from 4-7pmand YOU’RE INVITED! June 3rd will be the official opening where they will be offering a 35% OFF discount on your first visit including a complimentary consultation or a discovery visit to learn how chiropractic may be beneficial to you.

Through Chiro Culture, Erin and Pavin seek to foster a more vital vibrant community by taking the steps together to bringing awareness to community wellness.

The blog post was the result of an interview with a new business. The purpose of this piece was to give Chiro Culture a warm welcome and an introduction to the community. I wrote a list of questions and asked them about what services they offer, what they like about the neighbourhood, and questions alike. I recorded the interview and transcribed it before refining it into an article. I learned to ask the right questions and be an active listener.

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