March On Canada: Women inspiring a nation to get involved

One year ago the March On Canada was established as a movement that upholds and spreads the message of women’s rights as human rights.

Born out of protest against Trump’s inauguration the march has now separated itself and developed into one that advocates for equal rights and social justice.

On January 20th organizers across Canada united in their cities and rallied in solidarity. Thousands arrived to show their support in their rain coats and handmade signs.

In Vancouver, a various list of speakers were invited to share experiences involving their struggles for equality and equity. Women from numerous foundations stepped on stage to motivate Canadians to take on active roles in their local communities

Speakers from the Indigenous Silence No More group discussed the ongoing issue of missing indigenous women asking the audience to help and keep them in their thoughts and prayers. In addition, they encouraged listeners to speak up and speak out about violence against women.

Transgender spokesperson took the mic to articulate the barrier of stigma that keep transwomen out of feminine spaces. She spoke about the ongoing violation of sex workers and stressed to the audience the message of sex workers rights as human rights.

Black Lives Matter Vancouver activists appeared at the March announcing their hiatus exit to return for Black History month. The speakers communicated the importance of citizens’ working together to end white supremacy. Their speech included the rebuilding of the Black community in Hogan’s alley.

Voices of Muslim Women took the stage to perform a poem focusing on personal encounters involving racism and violence against women. They further expressed the need for action and active voices to stop islamophobia.

A Coalition of Child Care Advocates supporter shared the right for women to access affordable child care services. She highlighted the $10aDay Child Care Plan as the solution to BC’s child care crisis.

The March On Vancouver is continuously emphasizing involvement in social justice and politics. They will return next year to keep inspiring and empowering their local community.

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